Lucky I Got A Hard Head


Mabuti na lang ma tigas ang ulo ko.  Salamat sa Diyos!  Lucky I have a hard head.  Can’t wait til I’m totally healed. 







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teammunozLucky I Got A Hard Head

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7 Comments on “Lucky I Got A Hard Head”

  1. Enrique M

    You need to be more careful in your next fights. Be sure to get all info about ur opponents so you know what to expect and what you need to do against ‘em, e.g., were you aware of Weidman’s elbow maneuver? In hindsight, after the surgery, maybe you should’ve waited a li’l longer before getting into a fight…ur reflexes were kinda slow, if I may say so. Lesson-learned, right!
    Get well soon and hope to see you fully recover… show ‘em the power of the Munoz clan.
      Ur uncle

  2. Jeff Ash

    Hey Mark,

      It’s Jeff….I met you at my niece’s birthday party at the bowling alley.  Just wanted you to know that my pals and I have your back!  That fight was just a speed bump.   You’re a world class fighter (our favorite, actually) and a top notch guy!


  3. Ryan

    My opinion on the weidman fight: It was truly Weidmans night, but Munoz JUST came back from an injury, he hadn’t fought in a while either. and when you go back to something you haven’t been to in a while your gunna be off your game.Just like I go outside to play b-ball and I haven’t played in a while, Im off my game. I think thats the only reason he lost the fight.No disrespect to weidman. I don’t know if this was a valid statement but can’t wait to see Mark Munoz get back n fight!

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