I Will Be Back


To my fans, thanks for all of your concern.  I was released with stitches from the hospital yesterday and I left feeling like I failed you all.  Your supportive tweets and comments lift my spirits. Thanks for all of your support.  I will pick up and learn from this loss.  Congrats to Weidman.  Yesterday was his night.  Next fight though, I will be better than ever.  I will be back.



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teammunozI Will Be Back

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18 Comments on “I Will Be Back”

  1. Judee

    Mark we will forever be your supporters and we’ll always love you win or lose. My mantra has always been, “it’s not the fall that matters, but getting up that counts!” look forward to your next fight..and best believe, we’ll be there to cheer you on!! ~ Judee/Carson Cali

  2. Lenny

    Mark, you failed nobody. We all know the monster you can be, and we all know when you come back, everyone in the division needs to be concerned because you will be on a tear!

  3. S L A S H

    Mark, keep your head up! You are an amazing fighter, but an even better man.  The UFC will come and go but the legacy you leave and the impact you have made on people’s lives will last far longer.  My son, Randy “the Ravager” from the DC q&a didn’t bat an eye after your loss. Said, “I wouldn’t want to be the guy Munoz fights next! He’s still my favorite fighter, he’ll be back!” The Lord teaches us more through the valleys and we will be praying for you.  God bless you Mark, keep your head up and know your fans still love you.
    Proverbs 3:5-6

  4. Jeepney

    Hey Mark,   can’t wait to see you back healthy and fighting.

    When Anderson Silva fought Chael, he spent 24 minutes in the worst position getting bombs reigned on him. We all thought he was done, but he came back.

    Chael made a mistake and got caught on two occasions. Cain Velasquez got caught with jnr dos Santos. Chuck got caught, Fedor got caught by Henderson. The list goes on and on.

    I know you can get that title shot. 

  5. erwin_saquing1980

    mark munoz still the best… di ako magsasawang manood at sumuporta lalo na sa mga filipino na tulad mo keep on fighting sir!

  6. Andrewg

    Got my pic with Mark at UFC on Fox 5 over the weekend. Super cool dude. Thanks for taking time out to take some pics. Awesome fighter and look forward to seeing you in the cage again soon.

  7. Hyperion

    dropping by for some updates.. Can’t wait to see the Filipino Wrecking Machine back in action.. go Team Munoz!

  8. Sonny Boy

    sir mark laban lang ng laban. kayang kaya mo yan kayang kaya yan ng ”the filipino wrecking machine”.. pinoy pa!!!!!

  9. ruel de guzman

    idol kailan next fight mo, lahat ng laban mo pinapanuod ko, laban lang iba ang” THE FILIPINO WRECKING MACHINE” pinoy kasi!!!!

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